Orville's Paintings

Many did not know that Orville was an accomplished artist. He did several original paintings, five of which we have found and reproduced here. He also loved to make large mural size photographs of our family. These photographs were huge and he developed them himself in his own darkroom. Then he oil painted them to make them full color.

His original paintings are shown below. Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size image.

This painting is of his boyhood home near Jackson, Minnesota. It currently hangs at Carrol's apartment in Rochester, Minnesota. Although the house was sold many years ago, the land that Orville and his dad farmed is still in the family.

This is an interesting painting depicting a scene of trees bent by the wind. Some of the trees have been cut down. The wispy clouds against the blue sky provide some vivid constrasts. The painting hangs in Dan Sanderson's office in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

We call this painting "Broken". It is the most interesting of all of Orville's paintings. We wonder what he was feeling when he created this. Desperation? Fear? Hopelessness? We'll never know. The painting had been given to Ralph and Verna Thoreson, close friends that belonged to Trinity Lutheran Church in Ellsworth, Iowa. After Ralph passed away, their daughter Cindy called Orville's son, Dan, a few years ago to ask about the painting and whether the Sanderson family wanted it back. Yes! Thank you Cindy! It now hangs in Dan's house near New Richmond, Wisconsin.

Orville loved the out-of-doors. We think this mountain scene was painted after he retired. The colors are gorgeous, and it's very relaxing to just look at. The picture hangs in Dan's house near New Richmond, Wisconsin.

This last painting was done in 1981. It's the only painting that has a date on it. It actually is a reproduction of another painting made by the college roomate of Orville's daughter-in-law, Naila. He liked that painting so much that he created his own version of it. This painting hangs at Orville's grandson's house, Joel Sanderson, in Woodbury, Minnesota.